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Who we are

Jan Dictus

Jan Dictus

Jan Dictus (nationality Dutch), trained as a transport planner, has been living and working in Austria since 2000. He has provided services to a wide range of clients at international, European, regional and local levels on environmental and sustainable development issues.

Jan has supplied the Reference Framework for EcoCity Zenata in Morocco. The development of the new city will be based on the Principles for Sustainable Zenata. (see list of publications).
For the City of Vienna Jan led the development of the Environmental Vision of Vienna, and he was responsible for the international aspects of urban environmental policy. Jan Dictus has represented Vienna as Technical Chair of the Environment Forum of EUROCITIES in 2009 and 2010.
Presently Jan supports the City of Vienna initiative "Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe", which brings cities together in lobbying and other activities www.CNFE.eu .

As an UNIDO expert Jan has been involved in, for example, the organization and reporting of conferences in Jordan and Bahrain on urban sustainability and green business and in the promotion of Eco-business projects in India.
For UNIDO Jan has developed a Green Industry Award for the Government of Cambodia. Most recently a network of EcoCities in South-East Asia has been set up with help of our Peer Review Methodology.

He was also a Lead Expert for URBACT-II, and has supported the CASH project on energy efficiency in social housing.

Jan was five years long member of the Expert Panel that is responsible for the technical review of the applications of the European Green Capital Award and European Green Leaf Award.

Gordana Janak

Gordana Janak

Gordana Janak (nationality Austrian) originates from Yugoslavia and has been living and working in Austria for more than 40 years. Gordana is a chemical engineer as well as an engineer for environmental protection. Then followed a longyear career as strategic developer in the field of environmental policy and sustainable development. She worked as strategy developer for the City of Vienna. From 1999 to 2008 she was the Coordinator for Sustainable Development of the City of Vienna, also heading her own Sustainable Development Unit.

Gordana initiated and organized the Local Agenda 21 process in Vienna. She is an experienced project developer and was the main fund raiser for environmental projects in the City.

Gordana also developed and for many years led the EcoBusinessPlan Vienna through which small and medium sized enterprises voluntarily improve their environmental performance. In 1998 this initiative won a UN-Habitat award.

For the European Commission Gordana is active as an experienced evaluator of European projects in the Framework Programmes for Research and Technology Development. She also held a short term Secondment to DG Environment at the European Commission.

Our actual and former activities

  • Jan is supporting the EUROCITIES initiative 'Green Digital Charter' with expertise knowledge on the 'Green Digital Landscape' and Smart Cities.
  • For the new development of a 300,000 inhabitant city in Morocco, GOJA is giving a reference framework for the sustainable realisation of the EcoCity Zenata. Using the concept of Sustainability Values we have developed 'Principles for Sustainable Zenata' and an international reference and monitoring concept.
  • To support the further development of European Green Capital, we have developed and organised for Copenhagen the European Green Capital Network. Jan Dictus chaired also the first three meetings of the EGC Network.
  • In cooperation with UNIDO and the Government of Japan, GOJA has developed the "EcoCities Network in South East Asia". In 5 selected cities (Cebu in the Philippines, Danang in Vietnam, Iskandar in Malaysia, Map Ta Phut in Thailand, Pingtan in China) an exchange program has started using GOJA's Peer Support Methodology.
  • The City of Vienna initiated a cooperation of European Cities for lobby and activities against the dangers of Nuclear Power. GOJA is supporting this initiative for Cities for Nuclear Free Europe with communication and network activities. www.CNFE.eu
  • Member of the Expert Panel that is responsible for the technical review of the applications of the European Green Capital Award.
  • GOJA is involved in the preparation of the Project: "Sustainable Roraima; EcoState at the roots of the Amazon". GOJA will will contribute to the strategic policy development of the Project, which is a cooperation between the State of Roraima, Astronaut Marcos Pontes Foundation and UNIDO.
  • GOJA has been contracted by PLUS (Public Lighting Strategies for Sustainable Urban Spaces), financed by the EU
  • Contracted by UNIDO, GOJA has designed and developed a Roadmap for the Green Industry Award for the Government of Cambodia.
  • Lead Expert URBACT project Cities Actions for Sustainable Housing
  • Consultant of Jia Chiu (China) Environmental Promotion Center
  • Member of the Expert Group of the “UNEP-JCEP Sustainable Urban Development and Liveable Garden Community – China Programme”
  • Co-organizing the Forum July 2010: Developing Sustainable Urban and Human Settlement Construction, Wujin, China
  • Coordination of International Activities of the Environmental Department City of Vienna.
  • Technical Chair on behalf of the City of Vienna of EUROCITIES Environment Forum 2009 - 2010
  • Project leader for the Environmental Vision of the City of Vienna, 2006 - 2007
  • Coordinator for Sustainable Development of the City of Vienna, 1999 - 2008
  • Member of Steering Committee Interreg IIIA/PHARE / CBC Austria - Hungary
  • UN-Project leader for EcoCities - India, a cooperation project of the Government of India, UNIDO and the City of Vienna.
  • Peer Review of the cities of Helsinki and Rotterdam, 2008-2009
  • Writing “Environmental challenges and policy for urban areas in Middle East and Northern Africa”, Background paper for the conference as well as organization of the International Forum “Eco Cities of the Mediterranean“ 19 - 21 October 2008, Jordan, co-organized by UNIDO, Government of Jordan and US-Aid
  • Writing “Green investment as an environmental and development challenge”, background paper for the UNIDO Forum: Cleaner Technologies for Economic Development, 2-4 February 2009 Manama. Bahrain
  • Member of EUROCITIES Task Force “Economic Recovery 2009”
  • Writing of a Background paper for the Arab Round Table “Investing in Green Business” at the UNIDO General Conference 9 December 2009, Vienna “Financial tools for Green investments in the Arab Region”
  • PRESUD, European project for the development of Peer Review method for sustainable development of cities
  • Project leader of Ecological Footprint Vienna
  • Short term missions as expert to Albania, Hungary, Romania, the Baltic States, Poland, Montenegro, etc.
  • Evaluators for the EC for 5th, 6th and 7th FP; PHARE, CIVITAS, IEE, etc.
  • Moderator, Chair and Key-note speaker at many international seminars and conferences
  • Member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the UN-Habitat Best Practice Dubai International Award, Dubai 2004